Our SPRIM Ventures Philosophy

SPRIM Ventures invests in early-stage health solutions leveraging the funnel of SPRIM’s sourcing, screening and selection processes. We find dynamic new companies with innovative offerings and help accelerate their growth. These companies become part of the SPRIM network, allowing us to expand our offerings to all our clients. Our portfolio companies have full access to SPRIM’s resources and global footprint, including the expertise of the fellow venture companies.

The Criteria


The latest discoveries and newest technologies inspire us. We’re building companies and innovations to help the next generation of consumers.


We look for promising business models with blossoming capabilities and promise for growth.

Areas of Focus

SPRIM’s family of companies commingle well, all offering unique value propositions, but also working together to combine expertise and resources. With that said, we’re interested in companies within these health categories:


-Digital Health

Artificial Intelligence