Our Sister Companies


ObvioHealth commercializes software solutions to help healthcare industry players substantiate health claims. ObvioHealth’s proprietary digital platform, ClaimIt, utilizes a mobile app interface to execute clinical trials. It removes the costly overhead of physical site visits and brings clinical trials directly to the mobile device of each subject.

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Fibronostics is a discovery platform developing non-invasive, algorithm-based diagnostics to improve treatment outcomes, facilitate screening of specific diseases and help prognosis in various chronic conditions. Fibronostics currently focuses on liver disease, identifying high-risk patients and early detection through two products, LiverFast Select and LiverFast.

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Evid Science utilizes a well-developed cutting edge Artificial Intelligence to ensure our customers have timely access to the most up-to-date medical evidence, enabling them to stay ahead of the competition, make more informed decisions, and always remain up-to-date on the latest scientific trends. The Evid Science platform puts outcomes evidence at your fingertips. Do in seconds what used to take weeks or even months of manual work. Our tool powers more efficient and cost-effective evidence based decision-making across the enterprise.

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RegAsk is a digital platform using natural language processing for answering regulatory questions about path-to-market and path-to-claims for product expansions into foreign markets. RegAsk is backed by a team of regulatory experts with a global perspective and years of navigating some of the most complicated regulatory hurdles in markets big and small.

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Objective GI’s mission is to improve patient care outcomes through clinical research. We understand the importance of developing better solutions to manage silent chronic illnesses such as fatty liver disease. Objective GI establishes partnerships with gastroenterology medical practices providing research infrastructure, optimal trial selection, study implementation, and key personnel management. Our proprietary processes and technology eliminate the healthcare workflow disruptions typically associated with clinical trials.

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1nHealth is a digital platform designed to accelerate the advancement of health through subject recruitment innovation, matching the right patients to the right trial at the right time. The technology has been made possible via the deployment of custom built algorithm, which leverages disparate data from several sources to form a total picture, allowing us to target and qualify high potential subjects no one is soliciting using a simple premise: conventional subject targeting delivers subpar, conventional enrollment.

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Phoska Biopharma is advancing new therapies for treating liver and metabolic conditions such as Fatty Liver/NASH and cardiovascular health. It does this by leveraging a breakthrough discovery in lipid metabolism able to engage specific cells to deliver treatment.


Innergy Biopharma is harnessing the power of the mitochondria to treat human diseases. Their unique platform technology targets the mitochondria for a host of serious diseases with significant unmet medical needs. Mitochondria are the power generators of our cell’s metabolic activities. This technology, has significant advantages over existing treatments (therapies) for patient populations such as Duchene Myopathy, Huntington Disease and Epilepsy.


Neureus Therapeutics is advancing New Therapies for treating diseases caused by neuro-inflammation in the peripheral nervous system. Nereus Therapeutics is developing promising treatments for conditions such as Multiple sclerosis, Huntington disease and Alzheimer’s that were previously hard to treat using existing methods. Its bio-technology has significant advantages over existing therapies and will allow them to address large patient populations with conditions alike.


Foresight Biopharma is advancing new therapies for treating ophthalmological conditions. The company uses a proprietary mechanism to access the back of the eye by crossing the blood-retina barrier to transport useful drugs. Foresight is developing promising treatments for major eye conditions such as dry AMD and Glaucoma.


Vanteres is an innovative biotech company committed to the science-based development of lipid nutraceuticals for improving human health. Vanteres is leveraging its biomedical research expertise to develop actively transported lysophospholipids (ATLs) for a wide range of disease states. The company’s lead ATL is a lysophosphatidylcholine containing essential omega-3 fatty acids or “Active-DHA”. Active-DHA plays a critical role in the health and maintenance of multiple organs including brain, eye, and liver. Active-DHA is being developed for nutritional and clinical applications to improve human health.


Magnosco is a company focused on early-stage skin cancer detection. Magnosco develops a method for early stage malignant melanoma detection, known as dermatofluoroscopy. The non-invasive diagnostics are based on infrared laser and artificial intelligence technology.