Iris Hillel, CEO, ObvioHealth

Iris Hillel has served as Chief Executive Officer of Orca Surgical, Country Manager and Global Vice President for Strategic Demand for IQVIA (QuintilesIMS), and as Chief Innovation Officer at DMD Marketing Corporation. In each of those positions, she achieved multimillion-dollar revenue increases. Her strong communication, partnership building, and collaborative skills have been instrumental in bringing major players together and creating partnerships with leading companies like Abbott Medical Optics (now Johnson & Johnson Vision) and Novartis (Alcon).

Ms. Hillel holds degrees in Medical Lab Sciences and International Law.


What advice can you give to colleagues on overcoming hurdles when working on challenging projects?

Work hard, believe in what you do, and ensure your team is sharing your vision and values.

We are all facing challenges in our daily life and work. If we believe in what we do, and trust our team to help us achieve our targets, challenges are easier to overcome. Furthermore, the results are more rewarding. At ObvioHealth, we’ve amassed a global team of individuals who each play a valuable role in the success of our organization. We care about our colleagues, our clients, and our patients – and we believe it shows in our work.

Where do you think women have the best opportunity to contribute to the future of health?

Healthcare is becoming increasingly personalized. Pharmaceutical companies and healthcare providers seek enhanced treatment options customized to the patient’s needs. New products are approved by the FDA if they demonstrate significant value over available medications. Pharma and medical device companies put “skin in the game,” each sharing the cost of treatment development.

Women can leverage their natural sense of creativity and care while helping pharma companies and healthcare providers identify the common denominator to improved treatment options. Research suggests having more women in the workplace is linked to positive organizational outcomes for both men and women.

Forbes has been documenting for over a hear now the success of women in leadership positions. Women are becoming increasingly employed in leadership positions and are taking initiative to push for a higher professional standard. By understanding healthcare business needs, by being natural influencers that work harder than anyone else, and by driving positive outcomes and outstanding results – women have a significant role in the future of our health, wherever they are.