From Oral Care To Skin Care: Carving A Path To Market Entry

Strategy & Innovation


Landscaping The Market

SPRIM conducted a landscaping of novel skin care technologies that could be formulated into branded, differentiated products. SPRIM also searched for established skin care brands, both large and small, for potential acquisition. This included portfolio, reach and revenue evaluation.



A Qualitative & Quantitative Approach

SPRIM conducted interviews with dermatologists to understand how products/brands garner their support (both therapeutic and cosmetic).

In parallel, SPRIM conducted consumer quantitative and qualitative surveys in different markets to better understand consumer behavior regarding HCP interaction, product purchasing and unmet needs in the context of their skin care.



The Outcome

SPRIM identified the cosmetic skin care market as the primary driver of revenue globally and per SPRIM’s recommendation, the client decided to enter into both the condition based (non-Rx) and cosmetic market to establish a footprint and create early revenue.




Client’s Results

Informed by the efforts detailed above, the client made bids for multiple skin care company acquisitions that were deemed a good fit. Ultimately, the client struck two separate deals and acquired two professional skin care brands.



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