Jaguar Health Announces Initial Close in Private Placement Financing Round for Napo Therapeutics S.p.A.

This closing on funds from SPRIM Global Investments, a healthcare-focused international venture capital firm, was completed at a fully diluted valuation of approximately €55 million Jaguar currently owns approximately 73.5% of Napo Therapeutics Napo Therapeutics’ mission is to provide access … Read More 

Spexis and SPRIM Global Investments (SGI) Announce Plans for Clinical Trial Partnership to Fund up to Half of the Projected Phase 3 Clinical Development Costs of ColiFin®

Ad hoc announcement pursuant to Art. 53 LR SGI debt facility to provide Spexis up to half of the projected ColiFin® Phase 3 development costs, including those involving both COPILOT and COPA SGI has invested in Spexis as part of the … Read More 

Mi-Helper, Inc. (pronounced my-helper) announces initial $4M close from lead investors SPRIM Global, TEDCO and CoolTech in their $7M Series A Preferred financing.

The team at Mi-Helper is developing game changing, non-drug treatments for migraine and other pain disorders. The therapy is quick, simple and non-invasive, designed to be self-administered in the comfort of your home.

ObvioHealth Introduces ObvioGo™, a Next-Generation DCT Platform and Mobile Application Delivering Stronger Evidence

NEW YORK – September 14, 2022 –  ObvioHealth,  a pioneering virtual research organization (VRO), announces the launch of ObvioGo, a next-generation decentralized clinical trial platform and mobile application powered to deliver stronger evidence of therapeutic efficacy and safety. ‍ While the pandemic … Read More 

Treos Bio Announces First Patient Dosed in Phase 2 Trial of PolyPEPI1018 in Combination with Roche’s PD-L1-Inhibitor for the Treatment of Metastatic Colorectal Cancer

LONDON, June 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Treos Bio Limited (“Treos”), a clinical stage biotechnology company using data science and proprietary biomarkers to develop precision peptide immunotherapies, today announced that the first patient has been dosed in the OBERTO 301 … Read More 

SPRIM Global Investments names Susan Dallabrida as Chief Executive Officer of SPRIM Consultancy

NEW YORK – February 8, 2022 – SPRIM Global Investments announces the promotion of Susan Dallabrida, PhD, to Chief Executive Officer of SPRIM Consultancy. In her nearly 2 years with SPRIM, Susan has brought both scientific and commercial leadership to … Read More 

AUM Biosciences announces closing of $27 million in a “Series A” Round of funding to advance its clinical stage pipeline of precision and targeted cancer therapies

AUM Biosciences (AUM) today announced the successful completion of $27 million series A funding round. This will fuel AUM’s vision of developing a world class biotech pipeline focused on drugging what many consider as the undruggable targets, as well as addressing the need to delay and overcome resistance to targeted drugs in oncology. … Read More 

Consumer Response to Nutrition during COVID-19 in Brazil

SPRIM conducted two surveys among 183 nutritionists in Brazil to better understand how practices and patients have responded to the COVID-19 pandemic. SPRIM wanted to further evaluate how shifting patient concerns and resulting behaviors have altered nutritionist practices. … Read More 

Leveraging Next-Gen Tools in Rare Disease Research

By Susan Dallabrida, PhD The capture of high-quality, accurate and complete datasets in a clinical trial is always of utmost importance. But the stakes could not be higher when it comes to rare disease. It is estimated that there are … Read More 

Fibronostics Raises $8 Million in Series A Financing

Fibronostics, a global company providing non-invasive, algorithmic diagnostics for NASH patients, announced today that it has secured $8 million in series A funding. The financing round was led by AT Capital, a leading private investment firm in Asia and, an early-stage deep-tech VC fund. … Read More 

Fibronostics Appoints Dr. Stephen A. Harrison to its Board of Advisors

Fibronostics, a global diagnostics company, providing non-invasive, algorithmic diagnostics to detect and manage metabolic diseases, announced today Stephen A. Harrison, MD has joined its board of advisors. … Read More 

The Critical Need for Virtual COVID-19 Clinical Trials and Patient Training

COVID-19 drug development has brought a unique set of clinical challenges, virtual patient training and decentralized trials can be part of the solution. … Read More 

ObvioHealth and Hôpital Paris Saint-Joseph Announce Partnership to Track COVID-19 in Oncology Patients

PARIS — June 18, 2020 – ObvioHealth, a full-service virtual research organization (VROTM), announces today a partnership with La Foundation Hôpital Paris Saint Joseph to monitor COVID-19 prevalence and symptoms among the oncology patients of the Groupe Hospitalier Paris Saint … Read More 

Travecta Therapeutics Announces it has Closed its Oversubscribed Series A Round at $27 Million

Travecta Therapeutics, announces today it has raised an additional $12 million in financing, closing its Series A round at a total of $27 million. … Read More 

SPRIM Partners with Health Catalyst to Analyze COVID-19 Impact on NASH and NAFLD

SPRIM and Health Catalyst partner to jumpstart understanding of COVID-19 impact on NASH and NAFLD population to advance clinical trials for liver disease. … Read More 

ObvioHealth Secures $17 Million in Latest Investment Round

ObvioHealth, a leading virtual health research organization or VRO, announced today it has raised $17 million in its latest round of financing. This round of financing comes on the heels of a global alliance with a strategic partner announced in March. … Read More 

Travecta Therapeutics Secures $15 Million in Financing

NEW YORK and SINGAPORE – May 12, 2020 – Travecta Therapeutics, a biopharmaceutical company developing a broad portfolio of product candidates engineered to cross the blood-brain-barrier, announces today it has secured US$15 million in its Series A round of financing, … Read More 

Obvio-19 – Interview with CheddarTv

Our very own Matty Culbreth- Notaro speaks on Cheddar-TV to breakdown Obvio-19, a virtual research study designed to measure COVID-19 prevalence, symptoms and immune response in the United States. … Read More 

ObvioHealth Launches Virtual COVID-19 Symptoms & Immune Response Registry

ObvioHealth, a digital research company, announces the launch of a registry to monitor COVID-19 prevalence, symptoms and immune response in the United States over the coming 12 months. … Read More 

Coronavirus Outbreak: Medical Staff Vulnerable, Telemedicine the Solution?

Medical personnel working on the frontline to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) are susceptible to infection, we believe telemedicine can help to mitigate this risk. … Read More 

Ventures Day Singapore 2020: Post-event highlights

Investors Looking at Presentations about Biotech and Digital Health

Following our three successful past events – June 2017 & January 2019 in Singapore and April 2019 in New York – SPRIM held another exciting Ventures Day at our brand new auditorium in Singapore. Our CEOs, science/tech experts, and strategic innovators presented … Read More 

Real World Data and Evidence Revolutionize Clinical Research

The U.S. FDA is aware the drug approval process can often be strenuous, consuming large amounts of time and money. That’s why they’ve made a commitment to consider real-world data and evidence in the approval of new drug indications resulting in a more efficient approach for manufacturers. … Read More 

Disruptive Healthcare Trends: 5 Innovations to Look for in 2020

From blockchain to 3D printing – we’ve pinpointed the biggest tech trends in health innovation and what they mean for healthcare in 2020.  You’re likely familiar with many of these trends, however, advances in the industry have allowed for new applications … Read More 

U.S. Recycling Stream in Shambles: How CPG Companies can Change the Game

Forty percent of the world’s plastic usage comes from packaging – packaging of food, beverage, personal care, cosmetic, toys and almost every other product on store shelves. With the U.S. inefficiencies and China’s crackdown, reducing the amount of plastic that enters circulation is becoming increasingly important. … Read More 

Poster: Achieving Diversity in Clinical Trials

Learn how social media and digital clinical trials were used for recruiting participants in under-represented racial and ethnic groups. … Read More 

Digital vs. Traditional Clinical Trials: Examining the Differences

Digital clinical trials are conducted in a much different format than that of the traditional “brick and mortar” model. The following infographic will highlight some of the key differences between the two. … Read More 

How SPRIM’s Practice Areas & Sister Companies Work Together to Build the Future of Health

A breakdown of the four practices areas SPRIM utilizes to help its clients meet their commercial endpoints: strategy and innovation, regulatory and scientific affairs, research and clinical services and medical marketing and engagement. … Read More 

The Growing Need for Medical Devices and the RegTech Solutions to Complex Regulations

The need for safe medical devices is mounting. Estimates show that demand for such devices will increase 4.5% annually through 2030, with the United States being the largest market where current spending exceeds 180 billion USD annually. … Read More 

Recruiting a Diverse Subject Population

Woman taking blood pressure of a patient

SPRIM’s portfolio company, ObvioHealth, conducted a double-blind, randomized clinical trial to study the impact of rice vinegar on blood pressure and vascular reactivity. ObvioHealth focused on recruiting minorities, given that high blood pressure disproportionately impacts the black population in the U.S. … Read More 

Three Channels for Educating and Influencing Consumers in the Dietary Supplement Marketplace

Dietary Supplements on Store Shelves

Considering the resources and time spent on proving a dietary supplement’s safety and value, it is important to educate consumers so they understand the justification of a higher price point when considering their purchases. … Read More 

Clinical Trial Recruitment: Old Habits Die Hard

Pedestrians in a crosswalk

Despite the emergence of the digital age of recruitment, the standard (aged) approaches to recruitment persist: media advertising (television, newspaper advertisements), physician referrals, press releases/public service announcements, posting fliers, physician referrals, random mailings, and cold calls are all still in play. … Read More 

Path-to-Market: How Regulatory Technology Can Help Companies Expand to Asia

The booming middle-class in Asia and the accompanying influx of consumer spending is an enticing area for companies looking to capitalize on. RegTech can reduce the regulatory obstacles that FMCG and medical device companies face when expanding, enabling them to bring their products to market in more efficient and cost-effective ways. … Read More 

RegTech: Easing the Burden of Compliance for FMCG

This article explains the emergence of RegTech as an opportunity in the consumer product goods industry, as food and beverage, personal care, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic companies often struggle to stay updated on the regulations in a region or country. … Read More 

Combating a Tainted Market: 3 Ways to Substantiate a Dietary Supplement Product

As media attention increases around the risk of “bad” products on the market, consumers are becoming increasingly wary of the presence of potentially harmful, misbranded dietary supplements. If this trend continues, we predict that customers will not only become more selective when buying products, but that overall trust in the industry will begin to weaken.  So, how can dietary supplement companies selling legitimate products ensure they aren’t looped in with the bad apples? … Read More 

SPRIM joins in support of International NASH Day

SPRIM and our portfolio company, Fibronostics, are proud to join the Global Liver Institute (GLI) in raising awareness of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis. … Read More 

AC Health Announces Investment in Fibronostics

Ayala Healthcare Holdings announced an investment in SPRIM’s portfolio company, Fibronostics. As part of the partnership, AC Health will launch two Fibronostics products, LiverFAST and HealthFACTR, in its FamilyDOC clinics in the Philippines. … Read More 

4 Things You Should Know Before Marketing CBD Products

From use in oils to hamburgers, CBD is abuzz with popularity. Despite the trend, there are many questions around the legality of selling and consuming CBD. For companies looking to cash-in on the craze, navigating the laws and regulations is … Read More 

Bring Your Own Device in Clinical Research: The Four C’s

“BYOD” or “bring your own device” is the future of clinical studies, and sponsors are embracing what will become the new standard. Subjects using their own devices to fill out diaries and input data is not only less expensive for … Read More 

Video: Celebrating 15 Years with Unilever

SPRIM has worked with dozens of Unilever brands on projects ranging from market rollouts and HCP engagement to business innovation. … Read More 

The Forgotten Piece to the Adherence Puzzle

Medicines don’t work if patients don’t take them. It’s one of the biggest culprits in healthcare’s nearly $300 billion problem. Estimates show poor adherence causes approximately 125,000 deaths and at least 10 percent of hospitalizations annually. Patient Engagement Programs Pharma companies are actively … Read More 

5 Big Product Development Mistakes

The most common missteps SPRIM sees when working with clients to developing and bringing new products to the market. … Read More 

Four Critical Steps to Consider Prior to Going Global

Conducting business globally is an essential piece to many business strategies. However, we often see clients fail to realize the depth of planning required for geo-expansion of a product or brand. From getting the product registered and making on-pack claims, … Read More 

SPRIM’s Quarterly Ventures Day Meeting in New York

SPRIM Ventures in partnership with Tikehau Capital is hosting a Ventures Day event in New York on April 24. … Read More 

Fibronostics Corporate Update

Fibronostics presented its corporate strategy at the second annual TKS 1 Investor Day in Singapore. The event was attended by current and potential investors in the TKS 1 fund, including venture capitalists, strategic investors, family offices and leaders from the healthcare industry. … Read More 

Objective GI Funding Announcement

Objective GI, a gastrointestinal-focused clinical research company, announces a key investment by TKS 1, a joint venture between SPRIM and Tikehau Capital, enabling the company to grow its network of GI-specialty clinical research sites in the United States. … Read More 

TKS 1 Investor Day 2019 in Singapore: Post Event Highlights

Going strong in its second time, together with Tikehau Capital, SPRIM held TKS 1 Investor Day on Friday, January 25, 2019, at the Four Seasons Hotel in Singapore. We invited all teams, shareholders, and partners of the ventures for this event … … Read More 

RegAsk, a Healthcare RegTech Startup, Secures Venture Capital Funding in a Seed Round to Pursue Growth

RegAsk uses artificial intelligence to answer regulatory questions, including inquiries about path-to-market, path-to-claim, product registration and regulatory strategy. … Read More 

Startups Aim to Fix ‘Broken’ Clinical Trials System

ObvioHealth, meanwhile, has developed an app that enables studies to be run using mobile devices. Data from smart devices such as a Bluetooth blood pressure monitor can integrate with the app, according to the company, which earlier this year raised … Read More 

ObvioHealth’s Milo Demonstrates How Digital Technology Improves Patient Experience, Compliance and Data Capture Using ClaimIt.

MILO & CLAIMIT View a short, imagined study where ObvioHealth’s Milo demonstrates how digital technology improves patient experience, compliance and data capture using ClaimIt. Follow our fictional subject, Milo, as he uses his mobile phone to participate in a clinical … Read More 

Solving the Blood‑Brain Barrier Challenge

The blood brain barrier (BBB) is a system of blood vessels that protects the brain from toxins and chemical fluctuations. While it is necessary to help keep the brain healthy, it also poses a problem in delivering medications that could … Read More 

Fighting Antibiotic Associated Diarrhea

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – A commercially available formula of Lactobacillus acidophilus and L. casei prevents Clostridium difficile infection and diarrhea during antibiotic treatment, according to a single-center study from China. Although meta-analyses indicate that probiotics decrease antibiotic-associated diarrhea, most … Read More 

3 Ways Mobile Clinical Trials Help Clinical Researchers Improve Diversity

Lack of diversity within the clinical trial industry poses a grave problem. We cannot assume medicines work similarly across ethnicities. While attracting and retaining minority groups to participate in clinical trials has become a primary focus in the industry, many … Read More 

Evid Science Receives Seed Capital to Advance Clinical AI Platform

LOS ANGELES, CA (February 15, 2018) – Evid Science, an artificial intelligence (AI) company for the pharmaceutical industry, has successfully secured seed funding from TKS I, a new private equity fund dedicated to early-stage life science companies. “Our technology is … Read More 

Scientific Study Shows Milk with Only the A2 Beta Casein Protein Type Reduced Acute Gastrointestinal Symptoms in Milk Sensitive Participants

BUSINESSWIRE, 12 February 2018 NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–A double-blind, randomized, cross-over study, published in the UK-based, peer-reviewed Nutrition Journal, reported that consumption of milk containing only A2 beta casein protein type (sold in the US as a2 Milk®) reduced acute gastrointestinal … Read More 

Duke-NUS Commercializes Discovery to Deliver Therapeutics Across Blood Brain Barrier

Intellectual property (IP) derived from discoveries made at Duke-NUS Medical School (Duke-NUS) have been licensed to a newly formed biotech start-up, Travecta Therapeutics Pte Ltd, a Singapore-based drug discovery company. Travecta plans to use the Duke-NUS technology to develop new … Read More 

Tackling the blood-brain barrier: Duke-NUS discovery leads to startup Travecta

HONG KONG – Travecta Therapeutics Pte Ltd. is the latest startup to join Singapore’s biotech block. The newly formed drug discovery company is based on intellectual property derived from discoveries made at Duke-NUS Medical School (Duke-NUS). Travecta is based on … Read More 

SPRIM and Tikehau Capital Join Forces with New Singapore-based Life Sciences VC Fund

LIFE science startups hoping for a big break can now look to a new Singapore-based cash cow for funding.European asset manager Tikehau Capital and Sprim Ventures, the venture arm of global healthcare consultancy Sprim, have teamed up to launch a … Read More 

Travecta Therapeutics Appoints Douglas C. Hicks as Chief Business Officer

PHILADELPHIA — Sept. 13 2018 – Travecta Therapeutics, an emerging biotech company developing a platform that leverages its proprietary knowledge of the MFSD2a Transport for the targeted delivery of therapeutic agents across the blood-brain barrier, announces it has appointed Douglas … Read More 

The Role of E-commerce in Product Innovation

A R&D Guide Outlining Ways To Use E-commerce For A More Effective Analysis On A Future Product’s Success. … Read More 

When It’s Time to Fire Your Agency

Marketing to doctors (a.k.a medical marketing, health marketing, professional marketing) is a core marcomm tactic that helps brands stand out against the blaring noise on neighboring store shelves. Naturally, as companies have abused this system to scrounge up market share, we’ve … Read More 

Vanteres: New Study Reveals the Importance of Active-DHA in the Developing Brain

PHILADELPHIA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Vanteres, an innovative biotech company leveraging its biomedical research expertise to develop actively transported lysophospholipids, announces new evidence that demonstrates the critical role of LPC-DHA in normal fetal and infant brain development. … Read More 

This is why your patient engagement dollars are wasted.

A Patient (and consultant’s) Point-of-View on Patient Services Imagine, as a patient, you leave the doctor’s office having been diagnosed with a chronic disease. The treatment calls for heavy doses of medication and changed lifestyle habits. You pestered the doctor … Read More 

ObvioHealth Announces Mobile Application

ORLANDO, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ObvioHealth, a global medical technology company, announces the launch of its mobile application for site-less clinical studies— the ObvioHealth app. The app removes barriers currently troubling the clinical research industry by improving convenience for study subjects, enhancing compliance, … Read More 

ObvioHealth Raises $3 Million in Series A Funding

ObvioHealth, a Singapore and Orlando-based company offering mobile and “site-less” clinical trials, said on Friday it has raised US$3 million in Series A funding. The company is focused on making clinical trials faster and more cost-effective by digitizing the entire process … Read More 

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