Project Oral Care

Medical Marketing & Engagement

SPRIM’s strategy

SPRIM conducted a one-day workshop for key opinion leaders in the dental care industry in Brazil. This included KOLs, dentists and orthodontists. Prior to the workshop, SPRIM:

  • Identified the best KOLs and HCPs to attend the meeting and encouraged them to come
  • Created and designed collateral materials for the event to provide science-based information to the industry professionals
  • Planned the agenda for the meeting to include highly-regarded speakers and a discussion about the science behind tooth enamel, making the event intriguing and worthy to the industry professionals, while also promoting the Regenerate brand 
  • Encouraged everyone at the event to post about the event and the product on social media, resulting in visibility far beyond the meeting room.

word of mouth

Social media helped spread the scientific message from credible sources, but in a very consumer friendly manner. In all, we had 7 dentists and orthodontists, trusted and highly regarded in the oral care community, post on various digital media channels about Regenerate.

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We have a unique integrated service model enabling us to serve our clients at any stage of a product or business lifecycle. It is composed of four practices: Strategy & Innovation, Regulatory & Scientific Affairs, Research & Clinical Services and Medical Marketing & Engagement.