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Highlights from SPRIM Ventures Day in New York

Thank you to everyone who attended our SPRIM Ventures Day in New York. We had a successful event, attended by approximately 80 people, and a day filled with exciting discussions about the future of healthcare.

During the event, eight of SPRIM’s portfolio companies presented their recent achievements and showcased their technologies to investors, current and potential clients. From the digital frontier in clinical research to novel biotech solutions for the blood-brain barrier, our companies are leading the way in health innovation.

Presenting companies and a little bit about their technologies below. Scroll down to see more photos.

ObvioHealth is driving innovation in clinical research through its mobile platform ClaimIt. ClaimIt affords studies to be conducted in a hybrid-design, where use of the platform is coupled with data collection at the brick-and-mortar site, and in a site-less design, where the study is completely digital, ultimately removing barriers found in traditional studies by improving convenience for study participants, enhancing compliance and accelerating data capture – all of which help reduce the exorbitant costs and time associated with conducting clinical research.

Travecta Therapeutics is an emerging biotech company with a novel transport platform that effectively delivers molecules across the blood-brain barrier (BBB). Travecta has developed an internal pipeline of molecules to treat diseases of the central nervous system and also partners with pharmaceutical companies to apply its platform and assist them in overcoming the challenges associated with delivering drugs across the BBB.

Vanteres is a biotech company developing a promising new class of lipid-based therapeutics, called actively transported lysophospholipids (ATLs). The company’s lead ALT plays a critical role in the health and maintenance of multiple organs in the body, including the brain and liver.

1nHealth leverages big data for pinpoint subject recruitment in clinical trials. The company’s proprietary platform helps micro-target small and hard-to-find patient populations by using millions of consumer behaviors, resulting in fully-recruited studies on-time and on-budget.

Evid Science has the most comprehensive, accessible and affordable database of therapy evidence in the world. Evid Science uses artificial intelligence to read and understand medical literature, reducing weeks of work to a few clicks, and enabling clients to make faster, smarter evidence-based decisions.

ObjectiveGI partners with leading gastroenterologists to create centers of excellence in GI research. The company’s integrated research platform allows frictionless deployment of clinical trials into the busy provider workflow, generating high levels of patient engagement and trial retention, increasing practice referrals and accelerating trial enrollment. ObjectiveGI provides new, value-based healthcare options for physicians and patients – ultimately decreasing the disease burden, improving the health of communities, and changing lives.

RegASK uses natural language processing and semantic graph engine technology to provide faster, easier access to the regulations governing the sale of health products. Clients submit regulatory inquiries, and the RegASK technology scans and finds the appropriate regulations, providing cost-efficient, quick answers to regulatory and compliance questions.

Fibronostics provides algorithm-based solutions for diagnostic testing through machine-learning and a unique approach to targeted physiological and pathological processes, resulting in improved disease prevention and management. Fibronositcs has developed predictive technology to track cardiometabolic diseases, idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and chronic renal diseases.

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