The Research.

Formula Feasibility

SPRIM used a 4-step process that began with analyzing formula feasibility in each market according to specified product categories. SPRIM engaged with its global offices and KOLs to help add context to the identifies regulatory pathway.


From there, SPRIM took a deeper dive to define the path-to-market and path-to-claim in markets that met NUTRAFOL’s® criteria. The processes and requirements listed in each market, with the added commentary from local experts, allowed clear prioritization of market entry.



Temos um modelo único de serviços integrados que nos permite atender nossos clientes em qualquer estágio de inovação. Composto por quatro práticas: Estratégia e Inovação, Assuntos Regulatórios e Científicos, Pesquisa e Serviços Clínicos e Marketing e Engajamento Médico..


The Outcome.

SPRIM delivered a Key Findings and Regulatory Analysis Report, explaning the regulations and rationale in each market, successfully enabling NUTRAFOL® to strategically expand into optimal markets.




Partnering For The Complete Process.

SPRIM is currently facilitating NUTRAFOL’s® entry into an initial 4 countries, while identified Phase II market entry requirements are laid out for future expansion.