Consumer Response to Nutrition during COVID-19 in Brazil

SPRIM conducted two surveys among 183 nutritionists in Brazil to better understand how practices and patients have responded to the COVID-19 pandemic. SPRIM wanted to further evaluate how shifting patient concerns and resulting behaviors have altered nutritionist practices. … Read More 

How SPRIM’s Practice Areas & Sister Companies Work Together to Build the Future of Health

A breakdown of the four practices areas SPRIM utilizes to help its clients meet their commercial endpoints: strategy and innovation, regulatory and scientific affairs, research and clinical services and medical marketing and engagement. … Read More 

Three Channels for Educating and Influencing Consumers in the Dietary Supplement Marketplace

Dietary Supplements on Store Shelves

Considering the resources and time spent on proving a dietary supplement’s safety and value, it is important to educate consumers so they understand the justification of a higher price point when considering their purchases. … Read More 

Combating a Tainted Market: 3 Ways to Substantiate a Dietary Supplement Product

As media attention increases around the risk of “bad” products on the market, consumers are becoming increasingly wary of the presence of potentially harmful, misbranded dietary supplements. If this trend continues, we predict that customers will not only become more selective when buying products, but that overall trust in the industry will begin to weaken.  So, how can dietary supplement companies selling legitimate products ensure they aren’t looped in with the bad apples? … Read More 

4 Things You Should Know Before Marketing CBD Products

From use in oils to hamburgers, CBD is abuzz with popularity. Despite the trend, there are many questions around the legality of selling and consuming CBD. For companies looking to cash-in on the craze, navigating the laws and regulations is … Read More 

Video: Celebrating 15 Years with Unilever

SPRIM has worked with dozens of Unilever brands on projects ranging from market rollouts and HCP engagement to business innovation. … Read More 

The Forgotten Piece to the Adherence Puzzle

Medicines don’t work if patients don’t take them. It’s one of the biggest culprits in healthcare’s nearly $300 billion problem. Estimates show poor adherence causes approximately 125,000 deaths and at least 10 percent of hospitalizations annually. Patient Engagement Programs Pharma companies are actively … Read More 

5 Big Product Development Mistakes

The most common missteps SPRIM sees when working with clients to developing and bringing new products to the market. … Read More 

When It’s Time to Fire Your Agency

Marketing to doctors (a.k.a medical marketing, health marketing, professional marketing) is a core marcomm tactic that helps brands stand out against the blaring noise on neighboring store shelves. Naturally, as companies have abused this system to scrounge up market share, we’ve … Read More 

This is why your patient engagement dollars are wasted.

A Patient (and consultant’s) Point-of-View on Patient Services Imagine, as a patient, you leave the doctor’s office having been diagnosed with a chronic disease. The treatment calls for heavy doses of medication and changed lifestyle habits. You pestered the doctor … Read More