MedView is an integrated suite of applications that provides brands with the tools necessary to track and measure medical marketing program successes.

Whether operating globally or on a small scale program, MedView collates medical professional engagement data for evaluation against critical brand benchmarks. This unified method of tracking activity provides management with the transparency and data needed to drive campaign optimization and substantiate medical professional endorsement claims.


MedView integrates all critical medical marketing components onto a single platform.
Interactive media platform
  • A secure and centralized location to host medical marketing brand materials that can be shared and optimized across the organization.
  • An application for on-the ground activation teams to record the quality of medical marketing interaction and samples and materials distributed to the physician, as well as record feedback and engage in brand perception surveys or questionnaires.
Recommendation Tracker
  • Facilitates brand recommendation perception surveys to measure aggregated recommendation by an engaged physician.
Survey Management
  • Enable brand teams to execute digital survey campaigns within their own database.
Automated Email Marketing
  • Execute electronic communication campaigns to recipients which have recorded consent on the platform. Results of the campaign will be available for the user to analyze the effectiveness of the material through click through and open rates.
Social Monitoring
  • App collating Healthcare media hashtags that can be insightful for brand leaders. This will help brand leaders measure trending issues and popular influencers.
  • Fully integrated in Medview platform, conduct webinars seamlessly. Participants are invited from platform and results can be monitored in real time.
Online Visits with HCPs
  • Interacting with HCPs live and sharing your available online aids and content through Medview Online Visit module.
Digital CME
  • This new feature allows both live and passive CMEs to be conducted simultaneously to large HCP audiences across multiple geographies.