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ObvioHealth Launches Virtual COVID-19 Symptoms & Immune Response Registry

ObvioHealth, a digital research company, announces the launch of a registry to monitor COVID-19 prevalence, symptoms and immune response in the United States over the coming 12 months. … Read More 

Coronavirus Outbreak: Medical Staff Vulnerable, Telemedicine the Solution?

Medical personnel working on the frontline to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) are susceptible to infection, we believe telemedicine can help to mitigate this risk. … Read More 

Ventures Day Singapore 2020: Post-event highlights

Investors Looking at Presentations about Biotech and Digital Health

Following our three successful past events – June 2017 & January 2019 in Singapore and April 2019 in New York – SPRIM held another exciting Ventures Day at our brand new auditorium in Singapore. Our CEOs, science/tech experts, and strategic innovators presented … Read More 

Case Studies

Adapting Presentation Material to Best Suit the Needs of Millennial Dental Students

A top US-based, multi-national oral care brand seeking to revamp its educational materials to better accommodate the evolving needs of a dental student population now primarily dominated by millennials. … Read More 

Thought Leadership and Education in a Growing Industry

A leading provider of high-quality, direct-to-consumer (DTC) dietary supplements sought out opportunities to build thought leadership in a rapidly growing market category. As competition increased via the introduction of mediocre players and formulas, a differentiation strategy that focused attention on the importance of quality was critical. … Read More 

Addressing the Needs of the Lupus Community

The global supply leader of Antarctic krill oil set a mission to improve the lives of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) patients. SPRIM helped the client understand the lupus community through qualitative and quantitative research. … Read More 


Relation among phototypes, knowledge and practices in Mexican subjects attending skin cancer detection campaigns

General characteristics of Mexican subjects attending skin cancer detection campaigns.

Variables of knowledge, attitudes and habits in Mexican subjects attending skin cancer detection campaigns