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ObvioHealth Introduces ObvioGo™, a Next-Generation DCT Platform and Mobile Application Delivering Stronger Evidence

NEW YORK – September 14, 2022 –  ObvioHealth,  a pioneering virtual research organization (VRO), announces the launch of ObvioGo, a next-generation decentralized clinical trial platform and mobile application powered to deliver stronger evidence of therapeutic efficacy and safety.

While the pandemic has accelerated adoption of remote technology to reduce patient burden, current DCT providers have not yet seized the potential to collect less biased and more reliable clinical outcomes.

ObvioGo’s powerful and flexible tech stack has been designed to capture and integrate more accurate multi-source data, providing a unified platform that empowers clinical science teams to generate stronger therapeutic evidence. The system incorporates cutting-edge digital instruments, real-world data, artificial intelligence, as well as integration with clinical systems via APIs and industry standard interfaces.

“This is the culmination of years of hard work, developing a best-in-class DCT platform and ecosystem based on insights gained from the delivery of more than 50 fully virtual and hybrid trials in 28 countries,” said Ivan Jarry, CEO of ObvioHealth. “ObvioGo is a powerful evidence-generation engine, and this technology—combined with our deep clinical expertise—will propel the industry forward, positioning ObvioHealth as the global leader in decentralized trials.”

ObvioGo includes 5 interoperable modules:

Study Design: This fully configurable technology has been built to address the inefficiencies in current study design, enabling sponsors during early stages of protocol development to preview, test, and iterate based on what patients and study teams will see and experience during the trial journey. The adaptive design functionalities and real-time study performance dashboards let project teams leverage mid-study insights to amend protocols and adapt study designs up to three times faster, in many cases reducing timelines from months to weeks or even days.

Outcomes Capture and Assessment: This module includes AI-assisted technologies, traditional eCOA and RWD interfaces (EHR, labs, imaging) that facilitate the capture of more accurate data from patients, clinicians, and caregivers. ePRO, eClinRO, eObsRO, and ePerfO capabilities are paired with FDA- and CE-validated medical devices, as well as a range of wearables and other digital instruments—augmented by centralized clinical ratings of outcomes (Augmented ePRO)—to collect richer and more accurate symptomatology.

Mobile Application: ObvioGo’s intuitive user interface was designed with extensive insight into the digital behaviors of trial participants. The app, based on a BYOD model, eliminates the need for provisioned devices and seamlessly incorporates study activities into participants’ daily lives. It includes multi-media training, notifications and reminders, shipment tracking, and on-demand video/text support. Patient engagement features like gamification, motivational nudges, and conversational interfaces keep participants on track.

Study Management: Unlike other DCT platforms, ObvioGo’s study management capabilities have been built to facilitate the essential human interactions that are the heart of successful studies. The platform enables ObvioHealth’s virtual study team and traditional site-based teams to engage directly with participants, providing personalized support. Real-time alerts notify study teams of any compliance, data entry, technical, or safety issues, helping to facilitate monitoring and collaboration. This, in turn, drives up completion and retention averages.

Data Management: ObvioGo’s advanced data management and biostatistics capabilities facilitate automatic data cleaning, auto-edit checks, and advanced query resolutions, enabling study teams to advance more quickly to analytical review. The cloud-native platform securely stores all data, can be deployed globally, and integrates seamlessly with widely used enterprise clinical research systems such as EDC, CTMS, RTSM, and eTMF. This unified workbench empowers clinical science teams to perform deeper analyses and generate stronger therapeutic evidence.

“What I find so exciting about ObvioGo is the innovative ways in which we’ve combined cloud-native and AI-enriched platform technologies with clinical science expertise and digital best practices,” says Craig Gravina, ObvioHealth’s Chief Technology Officer. “Our machine learning technologies remove repetitive tasks while providing deeper insights. By automating low-value processes, we are enabling humans—both patients and clinicians—to focus on the added value efforts that deliver stronger outcomes.”

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