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SPRIM Global Investments names Susan Dallabrida as Chief Executive Officer of SPRIM Consultancy

NEW YORK – February 8, 2022 – SPRIM Global Investments announces the promotion of Susan Dallabrida, PhD, to Chief Executive Officer of SPRIM Consultancy. In her nearly 2 years with SPRIM, Susan has brought both scientific and commercial leadership to the business, boosting revenue while strengthening the company’s skill sets in clinical science and innovation. In her new role, she will lead SPRIM’s clinical consultancy in North America, LATAM and Asia.

Susan was hired at SPRIM as the Vice President of Clinical Science and Consulting in April 2020. Since then, she has increased sales significantly, including growing revenue, market share and profitability. Susan has leveraged her considerable experience in clinical research to expand SPRIM’s offerings to include patient and site rater training, ePRO instrument development and validation and human factors and usability engineering testing for medical devices. These offerings build on SPRIM’s legacy expertise in clinical strategy and innovation, outcomes optimization, trial oversight, and medical marketing.

“Susan has been instrumental in SPRIM’S growth,” said Michael Shleifer, Co-founder of SPRIM Global Investments. “Her leadership, vision and tenacity steward our client partners through complex scientific, technological and business challenges. Their success is ours and it shows in our results.”

Susan has had a distinguished 28-year career as an executive and scientist for global enterprises in research and development and clinical research. She began her post-doctoral career at Harvard Medical School as an instructor and lab director. She then led pre-clinical and clinical teams at Biogen in hemophilia. Prior to SPRIM, Susan was the Vice President of Clinical Science and Consulting at ERT where she led a team of clinical scientists and analysts in eCOA/ePRO design and instrument development for clinical trials and clinical care.  She currently sits on the board of directors at Pulsenmore. Susan is also the author of 35 publications and 150 posters and she has 4 patents.

“At SPRIM, our passion is to reduce the global impact of human disease through the advancement of novel interventions swiftly and reliably to optimize the signal to noise ratio,” Susan said. “We are fueled by the love of what we do and the many people we help.  Every day, we get to wake up and focus our efforts on making that difference possible.”