Jennifer Ralph, Director of SPRIM Mexico

With more than 18 years of experience in Health Marketing, Communication & Clinical Research, Jennifer is responsible for SPRIM México operations and managing the relationship between SPRIM Mx and offices worldwide.

Jennifer has a degree in Nutrition and Food Science and is specialized in health marketing & communication


What advice can you give to colleagues on overcoming hurdles when working on challenging projects?

It’s crucial to make sure you and the team first understand the objectives and goals of any project; targets and timelines should be clear. Always select the correct people to be part of the team, there are very qualified colleagues within our global network so do not hesitate to leverage our global resources and tap into our worldwide experience.

As a leader, you should always encourage “out of the box” thinking and provide transparency to the client, and internally. Once you build rapport with the client, they may become our word-of-mouth ambassadors. Lastly, always strive for excellence no matter the project.

Where do you think women have the best opportunity to contribute to the future of health?

To me, this is not a matter of contribution by gender. At SPRIM, we all have the opportunity to work collectively to seek-out disruptive solutions that improve healthcare for people all around the world.

Optimizing disease awareness and prevention campaigns, transforming science into better consumer-friendly language, and developing digital solutions to build better assist patients and health care professionals are all important objectives that drive our work. We are fortunate to be able to contribute every day to the future of health.