Increasing Market Lead for an Osteopathic Medical Device

Medical Marketing & Engagement


Stakeholder Refinement

Consumer research showed clear resonance superiority versus the competition with orthopedic and osteopathic doctors, yet the device received an unchanged share of marketing dollars. SPRIM expertise in the category allowed for the identification of 2 new high-value specialty segments neglected by all marketing efforts.



Reducing Cost of Sales

With a national sales force making office visits, conducting trainings, and distributing collateral, little had been done in optimizing the sales team’s tactics based on their territories. SPRIM identified multiple geographically-dense areas where physician engagement and brand loyalty indicated an opportunity to switch them to drip-based visits from the reps, rather than the high frequency originally instituted for new practices.



Patient Centricity

Data showed class-leading engagement with HCPs, but little brand resonance or stickiness with patients. Given patient behaviors impacted device-produced outcomes, SPRIM recommended increasing patient engagement, compliance, and support through a direct-connect portal for patients with questions.


Client’s Result

Taking SPRIM recommendations yielded a 15% increase above market share trend-rate year-over-year, significant cost reductions, all while establishing a beachhead with new HCP specialties.





SPRIM’s strategic deliverables equipped the client with the proper approach to grow market share by expanding into new specialty areas, reduce costs by limiting rep over-visitation, and develop a pathway to improve patient outcomes through the use of technology. The client implemented the findings, grew market share, and reduced cost of sales


Together Building The Future Of Health

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