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Dove Global Brand Experience Toolkit: Effective Congress Attendance

How Dove shows up in front of the most important audiences had been disjointed, inconsistent, and leaving country leadership with too few resources to execute. SPRIM was engaged to form a global toolkit for in-country use, designed to empower and … Read More 

Project Oral Care

Regenerate, a Unilever toothpaste brand, has a revolutionary technology that helps restore and regenerate tooth enamel. Despite this, the product lacked name recognition and brand awareness in Brazil. By leveraging relationships with KOLs and dentists and the use of social media tactics, SPRIM boosted the brand’s credibility among healthcare providers, which also led to more dentist recommendations and trust with consumers. … Read More 

Improving Patient Outcomes In Intensive Care Units through Nutrition Monitoring

A SPRIM initiated partnership: The GE Healthcare and Nestlé Health Science collaboration aims to connect the technology that delivers nutrients to the patient with the advanced analytic technology that measures the specific nutrition a patient needs. … Read More 

Mersyndol: Stop Back Pain From Progressing From Acute To Chronic

In Australia, back problems represented the second most common long-term condition during 2011-2012. Although many back pain episodes are preventable, up to 9 in 10 Australians will suffer from low back pain at some point in their lives. … Read More 

Researching Public Perception Vs. Scientific Literature for a Top Dairy Company

A world leading distributor of dairy products wanted to identify the top negative health claims surrounding dairy in the media and vet the validity of these claims against scientific literature investigating the negative health outcomes of dairy.

Finding and Vetting Key Influencers for a Health Services Company

A healthcare technology company, entering the US market with a novel diagnostic tool, required a US-based key opinion leader to fill an adviser role to inform their go-to-market strategy. … Read More 

Increasing Market Lead for an Osteopathic Medical Device

SPRIM’s recommendations yielded a 15 percent increase above market share trend rate year-over-year and significant cost reductions. … Read More 

Garnering An On-Pack Health Claim For A #1 Yogurt Brand

A top yogurt brand recognized the need to differentiate their probiotic-rich product from competition. The client tasked SPRIM with determining how to become the first yogurt product with an on-pack health claim regarding improved digestion. … Read More 

Medical Marketing For Dove

On-pack claims and endorsements from healthcare providers can be the tipping point for consumers to buy. Recognizing this, a personal care brand asked SPRIM to optimize and expand its medical marketing program. This created strong brand credibility among doctors, and ultimately, the brand garnered the first on-pack claim in the region. … Read More 

A Prescription for Patient Engagement Programs

SPRIM found innovation opportunities to promote adherence among rare disease patients through a competitive analysis and qualitative research. See how SPRIM changed the course for rare disease patients by helping a pharma company understand the loopholes within their own programs.
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