Maintaining Proper Hair Health: Educating the Consumer

Medical Marketing & Engagement




To capitalize upon existing opportunities in the market, the client required consumer understanding of the key mechanisms behind declining hair health. While the client had extensively studied the scientific support for these mechanisms, interpreting that intense scientific information and how it connects to the company’s product portfolio in a way that’s digestible for consumers proved to be a challenge.



SPRIM Approach

SPRIM leveraged scientific marketing collateral (white papers) developed by the company to educate healthcare professionals, namely dermatologists, to create a consumer targeted series of E-Books, taking concepts and language written for medical doctors, and repositioning the material to effectively educate the consumer.

The E-Book series was designed to communicate complex physiological processes and interactions between the body and the hair follicle to the consumer and explain how they impact hair health.  The series accomplished this through succinct, consumer friendly language accompanied by simple diagrams and illustrations used to convey more complex topics.

E-book Strategy

The series conclusion was designed to leverage the consumer’s newly attained understanding of their hair health and the mechanisms of declining hair health to:

(1) Provide life-style steps and changes that can be made to support their hair health.

(2) Educate consumers on specific nutraceutical ingredients that, when consumed, can intervene upon the mechanisms of declining hair health.  Specifically, ingredients discussed were keystone ingredients formulated into the company’s line of hair health supporting products, each designed to target specific mechanisms. 

By educating the consumer about their hair health and the mechanisms behind its decline, the series was designed to set the educational foundation needed to garner the company’s product line buy in and adoption at the consumer level.




The Results

The E-book series will spearhead the company’s launch of their new line of products that specifically target the mechanisms of declining hair health in late 2019.



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