Abbott Nutrition & Unilever: Spearheading a Partnership between Two Major Brands to Fight Diabetes

Strategy & Innovation

How it Started

The two brands, along with SPRIM, desired to ‘turn the needle back’ on the diabetes pandemic with a belief that no company on its own is able to slow the growth of this disease.

Diabetes Grand Challenge

SPRIM created the Diabetes Grand Challenge, a scientific program designed to help consumers understand how meaningful lifestyle modifications promote wellness. This program also provided tangible tools for HCPs to promote healthier lifestyles in the treatment of non-communicable diseases.

As part of the program, SPRIM created a digital platform designed to encourage lifestyle modifications by improving diet and physical activity.


SPRIM implemented the digital interface with key solution partners and key opinion leaders, making it a success.

The digital platform reached more than 100,000 users in India and provided a simple platform for people to make modifications to their lifestyles.

Together Building The Future Of Health

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