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Adapting Presentation Material to Best Suit the Needs of Millennial Dental Students

A top US-based, multi-national oral care brand seeking to revamp its educational materials to better accommodate the evolving needs of a dental student population now primarily dominated by millennials. … Read More 

Thought Leadership and Education in a Growing Industry

A leading provider of high-quality, direct-to-consumer (DTC) dietary supplements sought out opportunities to build thought leadership in a rapidly growing market category. As competition increased via the introduction of mediocre players and formulas, a differentiation strategy that focused attention on the importance of quality was critical. … Read More 

Addressing the Needs of the Lupus Community

The global supply leader of Antarctic krill oil set a mission to improve the lives of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) patients. SPRIM helped the client understand the lupus community through qualitative and quantitative research. … Read More 

Improving Patient Outcomes In Intensive Care Units through Nutrition Monitoring

A SPRIM initiated partnership: The GE Healthcare and Nestlé Health Science collaboration aims to connect the technology that delivers nutrients to the patient with the advanced analytic technology that measures the specific nutrition a patient needs. … Read More 

From Oral Care To Skin Care: Carving A Path To Market Entry

A major oral care brand stepped outside of the box – eyeing an entry into skin care. SPRIM stepped in to help study the market and evaluate the options. SPRIM’s qualitative and quantitative analysis resulted in the client acquiring two skin care brands. … Read More 

HealthFACTR: From Reactive to Predictive, a Digital Model to Determine Risk

SPRIM developed an algorithm-based, broad-spectrum health assessment tool targeting several of the most critical risks to a person’s health and longevity. … Read More 

Abbott Nutrition & Unilever: Spearheading a Partnership between Two Major Brands to Fight Diabetes

SPRIM spearheaded a public-private partnership between Unilever and Abbott Nutrition and helped create an innovative solution to curb the progression of diabetes in India. A digital platform was created that more than 100,000 people in India used for lifestyle modifications. … Read More 

Acquisition Recommendation for New Business Model

The client engaged SPRIM to determine at-scale feasibility centering on scientific to operational potential, given the novel process of production the supplier demonstrated in its pilot facility. … Read More 

A Prescription for Patient Engagement Programs

SPRIM found innovation opportunities to promote adherence among rare disease patients through a competitive analysis and qualitative research. See how SPRIM changed the course for rare disease patients by helping a pharma company understand the loopholes within their own programs.
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Big Data, Solid Science, Stopping Disease

A leading pharmaceutical company wanted to better understand early disease risks and gauge the potential for prevention. The client tasked SPRIM with identifying which diseases offered enough clinical data to enable clear risk identification and effective intervention prior to disease onset. … Read More 

Innovating A New Recipe For Pet Health

A major pet food company needed to change the formula to one of its dog foods. SPRIM conducted a complete analysis of the ingredients on the market and developed a new recipe. The new food is currently on the market today. … Read More