Innovating A New Recipe For Pet Health

Strategy & Innovation
Customer Need: Better Food For Man’s Best Friend
Consumer tastes change, and company’s have to change with it.

A large-scale producer of pet food wanted to reformulate it’s specialized dog food to contain more natural ingredients. SPRIM was hired to source novel and natural ingredients with the following objectives in mind:

  • Improve the existing product
  • Grow the existing market
  • Maintain profitability
  • Position brand to reflect shifting customer attitudes and needs

To build a better dog food, SPRIM had to change the way they thought.

The SPRIM Process:
Finding Diamonds In the Ruff

This is where the SPRIM difference came into play. We enabled three of our interlocking capabilities to find what our partner needed.

Global Footprint

  • We found and screened over 700 pre-revenue companies whose model and applicable tech was potentially useful

Technology landscaping

  • We researched and sourced scalable ingredients with anti-allergenic and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Delivered Solution

  • From that, we delivered six best-in-class, fully-vetted options with comprehensive implementation recommendations.
The Results
Win-Win, Not Dog-Eat-Dog

With SPRIM’s recommendation, the company was able to reformulate its model with vetted products and get to market without falling behind competitors.

The new formula:

  • Increased product efficacy
  • Created high-value claim
  • Positioned company at forefront of canine health

We leveraged our global, multi-disciplinary capabilities to help our partner maximize their potential, learning even more about how we can create natural solutions across many industries.

That’s how a dog-eat-dog world turned into a win-win.

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