A Prescription for Patient Engagement Programs

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Competitive Analysis


SPRIM first conducted a competitive analysis through primary and secondary research to compare the client’s engagement program with its largest competitors in multiple markets. With this intel, SPRIM found opportunities for the client to not only improve its program, but to also become the market leader in patient engagement.






Primary Research

SPRIM conducted interviews with dozens of internal and external players with insights into the client’s patient engagement operations. This helped identify problem areas and gauge attitudes towards the current programs.


interviewees Included:
  • Healthcare providers
  • Patients
  • Branded Sales Reps
  • Internal Employees
  • Third party program partners

The Results


Using the research conducted, SPRIM identified key concerns and common areas of weakness where patients felt left behind. SPRIM collaborated with the client, providing comprehensive strategic guidelines for improvements.

The client is using SPRIM’s findings to implement strategic changes and patient-centric practices to increase medication adherence.




Pinpoint Weaknesses In Your Company’s Patient Engagement

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