Adapting Presentation Material to Best Suit the Needs of Millennial Dental Students

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Communication strategy

First, a deep-dive analysis of the MNC’s existing assets was needed to understand key concepts, content gaps, and establish a comprehensive communication strategy for new asset development.

SPRIM then leveraged internal medical writers and oral care subject matter experts (SMEs) to ensure the overarching theme of ‘prevention and health education’ was effectively communicated throughout.

Consolidation of Key Concepts: 

A review of the client’s existing educational materials uncovered the need for a more organized approach to the dissemination of key concepts. A concerted effort was made to cut away redundant information in favor of providing students with a streamlined, coherent presentation.



Significant thought was invested in product placement throughout the presentation, as such a strategy does little to influence consumer perception of the brand or its reputation. Product placement in this format can limit transparency and distract the audience from the company’s core messaging. SPRIM’s consulting team chose to pursue branding that spoke to the goal of the client’s scientific endeavors, instead.

Meeting Student Needs

SPRIM recognized the need for different communication strategies for first and final-year students. Final year content was heavily focused on patient communication and recommendation strategy, allowing students to think in terms of real-world scenarios. Therefore, SPRIM developed learning materials for final year students that included case studies with the patient’s point of view. First-year lessons relied heavily on factual and scientific materials.


SPRIM successfully provided the client with two impactful and engaging presentations targeting first and final year dental students. The presentations effectively disseminate complex oral care concepts and make clear connections to the client’s brand, ultimately driving usage and recommendation.

Together Building The Future Of Health

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