Addressing the Needs of the Lupus Community

Strategy & Innovation



The regulatory limitations associated with marketing dietary supplements challenged the client’s altruistic approach. SPRIM was retained to determine how the client could improve the quality of life of SLE patients beyond providing physical products while educating the community on holistic approaches for controlling their symptoms.

This effort effectively supported the client’s ongoing clinical trials, which had the opportunity to be incorporated into ongoing communication efforts with the medical community when appropriate.

A Qualitative & Quantitative Approach

Qualitative interviews and a quantitative consumer research survey were implemented to realize types of patient-provider relationships and the treatment implications that coincide. This approach also served as the catalyst for the understanding of needs and opportunities within the SLE community.  

Specifically, SPRIM interviewed a mixture of KOLs and HCPs to understand their relationships with patients recently diagnosed with SLE. Via interviews and the survey, SPRIM was able to determine patient priorities, allowing for the formulation of key messaging that became the core foundation of strategy and the communication plan.


Through the collection of relevant data, SPRIM was able to accomplish the following:

  • Develop key messages and communication tactics that served as the foundation of the client’s strategy and communication plan.
  • Design a social initiative that was scalable, following positive clinical trial results.
  • Build a calendar for implementation of the go-to-market plan including a monthly task-list of tactics to be completed.
  • Create a case study for future reference should the client decide to launch a product line for a healthy population.



Together Building The Future Of Health

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