Dove Global Brand Experience Toolkit

Medical Marketing & Engagement

The Opportunity


Around the world, Dove branding teams attend congresses and trade shows to represent Dove, deepen industry relationships, and engage with the medical professional community. Too often, the essence of Dove was being either incompletely represented, or the challenge local teams faced of going-it-alone meant they chose not to attend.






SPRIM met with key global, regional, and local teams to audit the range of how Dove was represented at Congresses around the world. SPRIM stack ranked the most complete, reproducible, and simplistic approaches by these teams into three Dove-approved congress representations.




The findings


During the audit, SPRIM identified compelling feedback, especially by local teams:

  1. At the local level, cross-branded attendance is the norm, so knowing how to do that well was needed
  2. Lack of continuity amongst those managing Congress attendance meant that many teams weren’t aware of deadlines for participation, or the steps needed to appropriately exhibit
  3. Lack of congress-activity-tracking mechanisms at the local and regional levels meant proving ROI was difficult, and justifying proper budget was a balancing act

The Results


SPRIM delivered what local and regional teams needed, with the buy in from Global Leadership:

  1. A comprehensive Brand Experience Toolkit providing the end-to-end process for effective congress participation at a range of budget commitments
  2. Follow up discussions with first-time Congress organizers to assist in execution
  3. Schematics, layout, and dimensions of various booth options to suit various venue layouts and budgets

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