Big Data, Solid Science, Stopping Disease

Strategy & Innovation

The Strategic Focus

SPRIM’s research & scientific affairs teams identified five (5) opportunities for deep evaluation.

Due to the identified biomarkers and surprising comorbidity data, a specific cardiovascular event (CE) was chosen as the first opportunity for intervention.

The Methodology

Big Data

SPRIM partnered with a concierge medicine group to obtain retrospective patient biomarker and outcome data.

Identifying Risks

SPRIM’s big data team leveraged select biomarkers to create an algorithm that identified patients at elevated risk for the specific CE.

Intervention Opportunities

In parallel, SPRIM leveraged peer-reviewed scientific studies to create a suite of interventions to decrease CE risk based on biomarker profile.

The Results

SPRIM developed a closed-loop wellness program that included:
  • Personalized early CE risk via proprietary algorithm
  • Intervention recommendations based on patients’ biomarker profiles to prevent the CE
  • A physician-supervised feedback loop to ensure risk reduction

SPRIM was engaged for implementation of the program to identify operational healthcare and digital partners, as well as target patient outlets to streamline execution.

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